Debbie Orth

Debbie Orth – 25 Years of Practising Law

Bertschi Orth Solicitors and Barristers LLP are pleased to congratulate Debbie Orth on her 25th anniversary of practising law.  As a founding partner of BOS Law, Debbie would like to thank her clients and professional associates for twenty-five years of working together to obtain fair, ethical and great results even in the most challenging of […]

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Plaintiff breaches the Implied Undertaking Rule and Pays the cost!

Burwash v. Levy et al. 2018 ONSC 682 The plaintiff was injured in a motor vehicle accident and commenced two actions: one against her SABS provider and one in tort against the other driver. After settling the SABS action and in the course of the tort action, the plaintiff sought various documents from an independent […]

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